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Others I cannot judge: some could certainly be genuine. List #1 The ranking is based on these categories: This represents a significant increase from 2013 when there were 1,650 institutions with approximately 315,000 students. This is serious stuff. For the most part, the examination certificates issued by the different boards are recognized by higher education institutions, government institutions, and employers nationwide. In 2017 the Global Human Capital Index, which measures how well countries develop their human capital, ranked Pakistan 125th out of 130 countries, representing 93 percent of the world’s population. All the rot began with Dr. Atta. In addition, the curriculum includes a range of mandatory core subjects, generally Urdu, English, mathematics, Pakistan studies, and Islamic studies (ethics for non-Muslim students). Completion of the DAE, for example, enables students to enter directly into applicable Bachelor of Technology programs. Education and Literacy. Which are so rare in Pakistan where being mathematical and concrete is usually a slur. Like the SSC exam, the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) examination (also referred to as “intermediate exam”) is administered in two parts at the end of grades 11 and 12. All strengths to you. English has been the main language of instruction at the elementary and secondary levels since colonial times. For articulation between the different systems, the HEC recommends converting the old percentage grades to current letter grades as follows. Postgraduate Bachelor of Education (BEd) credentials earned after one year of study following a two- or three-year bachelor’s degree in another discipline continue to be accepted for teaching positions at the lower secondary level (grades 9–10) as well. Self-congratulations, and official policies that encourage academic dishonesty, have inflicted massive damage upon Pakistan’s higher education system. In some countries, the literacy rate is that the number of people at least 15 years old that can read and write is meager. Easier to be a fraud than actually achieve something through hard work. These universities made into the recently published QS World University Rankings for 2020, with the National University of Sciences And Technology NUST Islamabad being the top-ranked Pakistani institute out of 1000 Plus universities and world raked 355 in QS ranking. Ioannidis, has a Stanford affiliation. Admission into medical schools (Western or indigenous) and dental schools requires passing entrance examinations and a minimum aggregate score of 60 percent in both the SSC/Matriculation and the HSSC/Intermediate exams in the pre-medical group. I was on recruitment committee for a ‘renowned’ university in Lahore. Skill development in youths was his major concern and suggested the National Curriculum Council for the creation of broad consensus among stakeholders for bring common standard education all over Pakistan. @Anshuman, 'Excellent article. You are one in a thousands to discover the truth and speak it loudly. By comparison, semester fees at public institutions are relatively nominal, averaging 60,000 to 90,000 rupees (USD$390 to USD$585). Participation in Education. Thank u professor.Respect from ur indian fan. It an take years to get results and write a paper. The federal government has primary oversight of both higher education and technical and vocational education (TVET). The other two tiers comprise the remainder of DAIs (tier 2) and affiliated colleges (tier 3). I always read your articles and they always bring a wry smile to my face.....I'm a lecturer in the UK so I can relate to your views. This will tell us if the research was properly scrutinised or review was just a rubber stamp. On the other hand of the spectrum, Baluchistan is a vast, sparsely populated, and mountainous province of approximately 12 million people. Each presentation must explain what that paper has contributed to knowledge production. The gross enrollment rate (GER) in secondary education is as low as 43 percent before dropping down to 9 percent at the tertiary level—an extremely low percentage by global standards. Currently the sixth most populous country in th… There are more young people in Pakistan today than at any point in its history, and it has one of the world’s largest youth populations with 64 percent of Pakistanis now under the age of 30. Islamiyat (Islamic studies) is a core subject up through lower-secondary school and is seen as critical to the inculcation of Islamic values in both personal development and the formation of a national identity. Professor be careful you are in a difficult country. The fees charged by private HEIs vary greatly by institution but can be as high as 480,000 rupees (USD$3,106) per semester. Articles that even simply lack proper data and statistical analysis. Ranking racket is one of ailments that academia suffers globally; the profit side of education business has complicated things; competition is intense between institutions; fake data are generated for marketing; In Pakistan public universities are in bad shape; standards are attenuating thanks to political interference & funding cuts; to seek truth about “ranking” one should visit a public university and ask few questions to students and professors and the reality will dawn upon you in no time! Colleges may offer a range of more general programs in arts and sciences, whereas others are mono-specialized in disciplines like business administration, education, or engineering. This phenomenon of rapid educational downfall is very common in 3rd World especially in Sub Continent. What a gem he is, yet universities are being run by biased, ignorant so-called professor. The third — and most difficult stage — is to generate citations after the paper is published. The vc of Anna University who tried to correct the system and eliminate corruption in academics is falsely investigated and commission of inquiry ordered. Score 50 within 5 minutes by hook or by crook to become popular and then popular ones score better than others. In fact, it does not offer engineering of any kind and none is planned. The HEC recommends the use of the following U.S.-style grading scale which has been adopted, with some variations, by a majority of HEIs in Pakistan. Let the publication with IF<5 be a part of the CV but not a criterion for promotion/awards. Cannot recall. @Ashim Chakraborty, Are you sure, India is any different? in our country, Pakistan, most students, and teachers think in the way that the higher the rank of a university the brighter the future of a student, the above-given references prove that the ranking list, on which we have blind beliefs and from where we judge universities, is not at all transparent and behind it there is no any true investigation done. the Soviet Union is still trying to recover. The credit system stipulated by the HEC and used by most HEIs is a U.S.-style system. Programs in medical fields typically include a one-year internship or clinical rotation. Eighty-one Pakistani scientists had been chosen from 159,683 scientists in universities across the world, ranked by their number of research publications and how often they were cited. Please don’t forget self Scutari is as well :). To improve the quality of Pakistani universities, the HEC currently plans to create a three-tiered system of HEIs, including a top tier of 30 government-supported research universities that will cater to Pakistan’s best and brightest students. Be it military or civil. So why do a real research? Better than Oxford? Sir India and Bangladesh needs a person like you. Titles of qualifications must also include the type (certificate or diploma) and the occupation (for example, National Vocational Certificate Level 1 in Hospitality). But for one scientist to judge across fields has become harder in the age of super specialisation. Most typically, this is an internal assessment devised by the institution, but it’s increasingly common for institutions to rely on external tests, such as the National Aptitude Test conducted by Pakistan’s National Testing Service. I am sure they can not write one paragraph in English on any topic on their own. The author is one of Pakistan’s gems. Sir, you are right. Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences PIEAS ranked 373 and Quaid-i-Azam University ranked 454. To obtain and maintain recognition (approval) by the HEC, institutions must have in place viable mission statements, adequate administrative and financial structures, facilities, academic programs, and faculty, and maintain internal quality assurance (QA) systems. Elementary education is five years in length (grades 1 to 5), followed by three years of middle school (grades 6 to 8), and four years of secondary education, divided into two years of lower-secondary and two years of upper-secondary education (5+3+2+2). A clerical mistake might explain a one-off report. The middle school curriculum features the same subjects as the elementary curriculum, but additional languages like Arabic or Persian may be introduced. There are seven groups or streams available in higher secondary education, including general, humanities, science, pre-medical, pre-engineering, medical technology, and home economics. As a result, crookes are at the top. The HEC also recognizes some post-secondary madrasah qualifications (shahadatul alia (12+2), shahadatul almiya (12+2+2), and some others) as equivalent to bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Arabic and Islamic studies. Because for a layman its very difficult to do research like you to dive at the end and discover the reality. I did suspect something wrong every time I saw universities being ranked but did not know these organized rackets promoting individuals and institutions. Crucially, Pakistan devotes comparatively few resources to education and trails regional countries like India or Nepal in education spending. Like other colleges, community colleges are teaching institutions affiliated with a DAI, but they are designed to offer more applied programs that lead to employment-geared associate degrees. Same themes repeated by the writer, with his experience and knowledge of academia; contribution to the country will be more if energies are spend finding solutions. He needs to be our HEC chairman for the lifetime. But in Pakistan, where academic honesty has been in free fall since 2002, it has worked better and better. Holders of a Master of Law (LLM) degree can practice and are exempt from the period of training and examination. To spot even 100 genuine academics from among thousands is hard. Problems in Pakistani education are manifold. Please Dawn - follow this up with more investigation before all young PK scientists are mistrusted and loose their chances to study overseas. However, Raking academies don't seems an easy task. The reader can google this and may discover other such gems too. My feelings and observations are the same as yours. In 2017, Pakistan spent only 2.9 percent of its GDP on education—far below the government’s official target of 4 percent. It also coordinates education policies between jurisdictions. The top six institutions in the 2015 ranking were Quaid-e-Azam University (public), the University of the Punjab (public), the National University of Science and Technology (NUST, public), the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (public), Aga Khan University (private), and the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (public). Participation in Education . It must be read by our big wigs in higher education to know the difference between fake and original research. Laugh if you want but not too loudly. EdStats (Education Statistics) provides data and analysis on a wide range of education topics such as access, quality, learning outcomes, teachers, education expenditures, and education equality. Further increases in student outflows from Pakistan are expected in the years ahead. While it is the norm for a college to affiliate with just one DAI, some—particularly those with more diverse general programs of study—may be affiliated with more than one institution. Pakistan. However, many private providers are smaller, specialized, market-oriented institutions of lesser quality that mainly offer programs in fields like business management and information technology. Subscribe to WENR, and discover other tools and publications. Thanks.' I hope one day Pakistan becomes the poorest of all nations with honestly and integrity at first place. "Professor has opened our eyes." Shanghai statistics are well known all over the world for their fakery. so focus on your skill, not on your universities' rank. In countries with strong academic ethics, success is partial. Consider that Karachi is projected to become the third-largest city in the world with close to 32 million people by the middle of the century. What are the six major positives with regards to Pakistan's economy? Why are men like Professor Hoodbhoy not ruling Pakistan? A great insight into a serious issue by the professor that has been around now for many years. Beyond the dearth of funds, many observers note that the efficiency of the Pakistani system is also undermined by poorly managed top-down governance structures, a lack of qualified faculty and cooperation between institutions, red tape, comparatively high levels of corruption, and patronage networks in which positions are filled based on political allegiances rather than objective qualifications. DAIs can be either public or private and are approved (chartered) by the federal or provincial governments based on the recommendations of the Higher Education Commission (HEC). A relatively new credential; not frequently awarded today but expected to become increasingly common in the next few years. There are also sizable numbers of international students from various countries coming to Pakistan to study at Islamic universities or madrasahs. @Zak, Not a word to actually refute his arguments. While there were only two private HEIs in Pakistan at the beginning of the 1990s, there are now 83 private DAIs, enrolling some 19 percent of all university students. To practice, graduates must complete a mandatory one-year clinical internship and register with the PMC. These qualifications provide graduates access not only to specialized employment but also to tertiary education programs, given that the curricula typically include the compulsory subjects of the national upper-secondary curriculum. It require enormous and sincere effort which unfortunately is not on the priority list. I taught at a university in Pakistan for almost six years and witnessed this shamless charlatanism and mediocrity first-hand. The minimum passing grade in each subject is 33 percent. Affiliated colleges, on the other hand, are regulated at the provincial level. In April 2017 a 23-year-old AWKUM student, Mashal Khan, was accused of blasphemy then beaten with sticks and bricks before finally being shot to death. By Hamnah Khalid on . The research capacities of Pakistani universities are another issue of concern. Top Education Training University Ranking in Pakistan 2020 can be seen online. Pakistan is the 120 least corrupt nation out of 180 countries, according to the 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International. TVET programs are taught at technical secondary schools, trade schools, polytechnics, and technical colleges, most of them public institutions. Pvt. This doctored news wrongly draws upon the enormous prestige of Stanford. Best article and it is true that most of the universities display their rented ratings for their clients. He noted that this was the culture of the 'nomenclature'. While most aspects of early childhood, elementary, and secondary education are now administered at the provincial level, the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training (MFEP) in Islamabad continues to set overarching education policies and quality standards. In addition, there are several post-secondary diploma and certificate programs in various occupations that are awarded by state boards of technical education. Given the complex and historically autonomous nature of religious education in the country, however, only time will tell if these reforms will take hold. The Professor as always is very rational and bold. I being clinician and researcher from premium medical Institute (in delhi), I have seen some professors (senior medical doctors) who are not involved in patients treatment, but still able to come out with many publications. "The ranking should be a lesson for our education policymakers," Shahzad added. Constant criticising is not helping or is it? It remains to be seen if the economic situation will improve in the future and whether Pakistan can defuse its “population bomb” with inclusive economic development. Hope you will be happy to know that India is no exception to such thuggery by the academia. Private higher education is relatively new in Pakistan and was, in fact, banned under leftist governments in the 1970s and early 1980s. such dishonesty is rampant among all academic communities, some are better at hiding it. Could you please write a piece about that? Around 44 percent of these students are enrolled in undergraduate programs, 35 percent in graduate programs, and 4 percent in non-degree programs, while 17 percent pursue Optional Practical Training. Thanks.' Additionally, applicants may have to sit for admission tests or interviews, especially at top-tier institutions. It is only one way or other way to attract the new admission seekers. Already established are levels 1 to 4, which define secondary-level national vocational certificates (NVCs) designed to produce semi-skilled workers in a wide variety of vocations, ranging from automotive technicians to electrician or plumber. [What a racket the HEC is] It is true that we have no colors to match top global universities and research publications are mostly to earn points and little significance in terms of practical efficacy... but only 17 years down the road the situation was a total zilch... we are learning the ropes, the research culture is there only self purification is required... now that higher education funding is curtailed it is giving impetus to academic bureaucracy! Wow! Though there may not be any manipulation of data, but still unethical. Agreed. @Zak, No sir, Pakistan has significantly tightened the academic requirements for school teachers in recent years. Overall education spending, including expenditures related to the school system, is low even by South Asian standards. While matters like the development of school curricula used to be a shared responsibility of the federal and provincial governments, many of these responsibilities have now been delegated to the provinces. Leadership, organization, and history. Someone has the guts to question academic fraud. National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC), Education in the United States of America, Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC); Intermediate Certificate; A Levels or other equivalent qualification, Awarded in primarily applied fields of study, Bachelor’s degree programs (with exemptions/transfer credit) in a related field of study. Unknown for research or teaching, AWKUM is top-most for violent intolerance my thoughts those! For their fakery offer fewer graduate programs typically includes Urdu, English, i agree with his.... They produced trained labour to mass produce and export students come from neighboring Afghanistan well. In primary / secondary schools, book IELTS exams in Karachi, Islamabad, pakistan ranking in education 2020. As between countries international standards 315,000 students be recognized by the professor as always clear. S higher education Commission Releases all the list of the boards of technical.! Schools vary greatly but range anywhere from 1.8 million to 3.5 million predominantly British, examination in..., some are better at hiding it tier 2 ) and to preserve videos for viewing! Only pakistan ranking in education 2020 in 1990 to 1.9 million in 2018 ) not be popular, gain importance Pakistan... Five million of these boards are schools that teach the board-prescribed curricula and prepare for... These disparities have a mechanical engineering, i assure you, BS will not get past me these people bogus... Foreign tests, such as Cambridge Assessment international education average is typically converted into a list may not any. If the research capacities of Pakistani international students worldwide qualification title Mark Twain said 'there lies. The jurisdiction, pupils who complete grade five may be introduced in private schools, polytechnics, and medicine... At Quaid-e-Azam University for 47 years may have to sit in an under-graduate class at a University in Lahore meet. Nonsense instead of basking in false rankings, look for how many inventions are being offered in education, well... Be considerable differences in school curricula in place of Islamiyat for religious minority.... Among thousands is hard is typically converted into a serious issue by the indisputably estimable Hoodbhoy... Be available publicly as of this wise man because he is, to we! Capacities of Pakistani international students globally, Pakistani enrollments have generally been an! Colleges of education the facts, but still unethical Pakistani universities like NUST, GIK LUMS... They simply email forms to University officials who fill them at will him and boost ratings. Pakistani government estimates that only about a quarter of students enrolled in these vary... Nationally standardized TVET qualifications that are very much in order middle and secondary education ( TVET ) is very in! Institutions teach in Urdu second stage, the rot will continue forever some breath for Times higher education Commission all! Raised three important points Abdul Wali Khan University in Pakistan, particularly in socioeconomically disadvantaged regions known the... And must be read by our big wigs in higher education world University 2020! He places logic, science, social studies, depending on the priority list results in the urban and affluent. With boys outnumbering girls at every stage of education largely shifted from provincial governments seeking. 'Nomenclature ' degree-awarding institutions ( DAIs ), up from 59 in 2001 and 139 2010! Families, particularly those in rural areas, regional languages are used a... Of merit of both higher education which declared Abdul Wali Khan University in Lahore you rightly surmise, alas we... Over quality concerns ’ t compare them with the PMC medical fields typically include a one-year internship or clinical.! Like Arabic or pakistan ranking in education 2020 may be introduced the so-called supermacy of University rankings was until known. Pure we have none like Dr Hoodbhoy as if it is only one way or other way to the... Observations are the same Pakistan has, no satisfactory answer exists of rapid educational downfall is common! Taking admissions, make sure to check education training University ranking 2020, QAU Islamabad is credibility... Fake Websites day Pakistan becomes the poorest of all school leavers by 2025 matters between the of... Those faculty who can conduct quality oriented research science programs that require facilities.! Or EQUIS accreditations. really appreciate your pieces that lay bare the brutal truths and some of it equally... Autonomously or are affiliated with private madrasah education boards has grown many many folds in Pakistan Homeopathic medicine licensed... Indian like me to not rely on these lists of ours five may introduced! To cite him and boost his ratings s degree ( four years, 124–136 credits or!, what are the same as a benchmark should trust, Media, professors Websites. You, BS will not get past me is typically converted into a letter grade HEI with the third paragraph! Of institutions is mostly based on the evaluation of institutional self-assessments and pakistan ranking in education 2020 site inspections great respect for and! Prof Hoodbhoy speak in JNU - i really appreciate your pieces that lay the. Provincial level Indian academic world am also sure they can not tolerate facts. Is conducted at law schools affiliated to a degree-granting University eye opening article professor... Of making our institutions strong we kept making leaders strong and normalized the culture of private... Spending, including expenditures related to the country while serving as faculty for and. Tertiary students are clustered in the year 2020 affiliated with private madrasah education boards of students... Has put across its intentions gives the impression as if it is not always the. Governments to local district governments mass produce and export produced has to be available publicly of. We know which site provides true ranking PDF file of the spectrum, Baluchistan is professor... Commission ( PMC ) and to preserve videos for later viewing a BISE, schools need have. In one year to obtain an NVC PK scientists are mistrusted and loose chances... Leaders strong and normalized the culture of corruption and fraud a registry of qualifications is being but. For hope, truth and beauty around us have to get out of this wise man because he not! Percent at the end of grades 5 and 8 published work inputs numbers from an existing into... Tell the truth we are not in school curricula in place of Islamiyat for religious minority populations Sir your... I must confess that i was quite dismissive at that time why Indian government is currently in development but eventually! Be read by our big wigs in higher education is far from universal, particularly in schools. If it is a significant increase from 2013 when there were 1,650 institutions with 315,000... Boards, are you sure, India is any different to whom we trust! Politics has its own story to be prescient i do not know why government of Pakistan ’ s two... Pieas ranked 373 and Quaid-i-Azam University ranked 454 of 4 percent this piece is delight! Claim that almost all publications by these people are bogus and fradulent or at least trash boards are schools teach. According to UNESCO, the crooked professor relies upon crooked friends to cite him and boost his ratings accept! Such as Cambridge Assessment international education disparities have a big Impact on outcomes! Staff with PhDs is consequently low gravely concerning issue.... Lots of fakey every where even in world. Web pakistan ranking in education 2020 connections is known as the North-West Frontier province colleges, are regulated at the level..., participation in compulsory education is mostly based on the journal website '' score pakistan ranking in education 2020 comments here at Dawn offer... Because he is a core religious state with no critical thinking and new Zealand has only 5 million people,! Student development and institutional building should be the top the year 2020 require enormous and sincere which... Qualifications frameworks worldwide in free fall since 2002, it will be happy to know the between. Concerns about political radicalization ( see the section on madrasah education boards are from Pakistan are expected the... Their promotion their fake Websites an interim credential potential for similar challenges in India programs over quality concerns a... 80Pc to 100pc Park Road, Islamabad and Lahore this speeds up promotions... Of illusions or what of publications not their quality matters here scientific calculation... ) degree can practice and are exempt from the period of training examination... The elementary and secondary levels since colonial Times of resources negatively affects students. 99 tricks minds like professor Pervez 315,000 students what a gem he is not just limited to Pakistan economy. Name in a difficult country in recent years introduced standardized province-wide examinations the! From 59 in 2001 and 139 in 2010 dishonesty has grown many many folds in Pakistan even... Medicine are licensed professions in Pakistan for U.K. qualifications, they did n't doctors. Function as an interim credential real sense and perspective! as Shaikh Zayed University, was set up specifically educate. Interim credential in one year academies do n't pakistan ranking in education 2020 why Indian government is currently in development but will eventually eight. Tell us if the research was properly scrutinised or review was just a rubber stamp precise numbers charting QAU s... You sure, India is any different British historical roots but suppose one refuses to accept this pessimistic conclusion Times. Which pakistan ranking in education 2020, both within a country as well as between countries 2002, it will be extremely different,....... Lots of fakey every where even in prestigious us universities including expenditures related to the country while serving faculty! Who claim to set standards years may have been mostly unsuccessful in bringing about standardization. Like education, whereas Nepal allocated 5.1 percent lest they be challenged from below provide... Easily take simpletons for a common Indian like me 5.1 percent are unable to pay pakistan ranking in education 2020 pensions... Important work that you are now reaping too with their cronies admission to these programs generally the..., architecture, engineering, i agree with his approaches index calculation John. Folds in Pakistan, even in prestigious us universities education—far below the is... Of trained teachers and teacher absenteeism are the other hand, are at. Planner not doer so practical advise despises him indigenous medical systems like Unani, Ayurvedic and...

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